Building Roger Bank's credit card sign up flow

Rogers/ Desktop and Mobile Site

Mar - April 2022

My role

UX/UI design


1 designers
Team of devs


Hifi designs, client meetings



Client and brief
Note: This is a brief snapshot of the project. For full case study, please reach out.

Rogers is Canada's telecommunications giants. As their subsidiary, Rogers Bank aims to market their credit cards to all Rogers users. Our goal was to build a desktop site pushing these users to sign up for one.

My role was to update existing assets and build new flows when new user stories were written.


Rogers/ Desktop Site
TARGETED Landing page
On clicking onto the landing page when redirected from another Rogers page or marketing email, we were able to determine whether they were existing Rogers customers, and surface these users a targeted page.

Users have the options of browsing information of 3 different types of Mastercards.
Based on the information entered, we surface the user the credit card recommendation on this screen.
Outlining dense information like the terms and conditions of the card proved difficult. We cycled through differnt options like opening in browser, but settled on a iscroll.
Terms and conditions


Rogers/ Desktop Site
The site was launched May 2022. You can view the site on