Design Portfolio   —   2024

Currently freelancing @ Efektiv. Open to freelance opportunities!

In 2010,  
I was lucky enough to have a laptop to pirate Photoshop (I know, I know). If Bill Gates was lucky enough to attend one of the few schools that had a computer in 1968 then I was, in my own way, very lucky too.

(You don't have to wonder how I got the blue screen of death a couple years down the road.)

I've been working in design for 2-3 years and have spent most of my time at design agencies. Although I’m based in Toronto, I’m open to hybrid and remote opportunities anywhere in the world. My proficiencies are:

- UI & experience design
- Design strategy
- Translating design to stakeholders
- Working with devs

I am also knowledgeable in SEO marketing, Google analytics and project management. I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Outside of design, I enjoy illustration and chess, writing the occasional Goodreads review, and finding time for a Playstation game. If you show me a cat, I will share my account. In the summer, I enjoy longboarding around the city.