Design Portfolio   —   2023

In 2010,  
I was lucky enough to have a laptop to download a cracked copy of Photoshop (I know, I know). If Bill Gates was lucky enough to attend one of the few schools that had a computer in 1968 then I was, in my own way, lucky too.

(You don't have to wonder how I got the blue screen of death a couple years down the road.)

I've been working in product design for roughly 2 years and I am looking for intermediate roles. I've spent most of my time at design agencies and most recently at Versett. Although I’m based in Toronto, I’m open to hybrid and remote opportunities anywhere in the world. My proficiencies are:

- UI & experience design
- Design strategy
- Translating design to stakeholders
- Working with devs to

I am also knowledgeable in SEO marketing, Google analytics, as project management, and have a basic understanding in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Outside of design, I enjoy illustration and learning to play chess, and writing the occasional Goodreads review. If you show me a cat, I will share my account. In the summer, I enjoy longboarding around the city.