Building a mobile app for A&W

A&W/ Mobile App

April - Oct 2022

My role

UX design, focused on UI


Wireframes, lofi design system, hifi design screens



Client and brief
Note: This is a snapshot of the project. For more details, please schedule an interview.

A&W is the second largest fast food franchise in Canada. Their positioning in the market is family-friendly, accessible, ready-to-eat food. A&W approached our team, Versett, to build a mobile ordering app focused on iOS devices. Before our engagement the A&W mobile app had a regional beta launch, but it posed problems:

— Poor UX and interaction
— UI not brand aligned to A&W standards
— High drop rate from cart
— Users not being able to customize order

Versett’s goal was to improve the UX and modernize the interface for the nation-wide launch with a goal of mitigating these issues.


A&W/ Mobile App  
ORder & customize
The main feature that needed a revamp was the order and customize flow. Below is a summary of our process.

We based our personas based on data and customer information provided by the client side.

Referring to the beta and using it as a blueprint, we identified problems in interaction, usability and IA. We benchmarked competitors or similar mobile apps like Uber Eats, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Starbucks to improve the lofi wireframes.

I did some speedy sketching for internal discussions to organize features on different pages. (These were not shown to the client.)
Beta (not done by my team)

1 key point was figuring out how to layout the screen so users had control over their order at all points in the flow. Below are key updates we made to the design of this flow:


A&W/ Mobile App
Our team wrapped up Phase 2 and handed everything over to the 3rd vendor to complete development. We completed our engagement up until Phase 2, but the contract was not extended for Phase 3 for an additional phase. My team had already begun work on Phase 3 for Coupons, but in the end that work wasn’t shipped to the client due to budgeting reasons, so that was regretful.

The project had some bumps because it was an incredibly large team. Working with 2 other vendors complicated communications. Because of this, some last minute UX changes were made even after designs had been approved by the client, to reduce complexity.

Overall, we delivered a product that satisfied the client's requirements so I deem this project a moderate success.